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Your personal research team and tour concierge for selecting assisted living and memory care communities.
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What SLC Does For You


We take the guesswork- and the actual work- out of selecting an assisted living community!

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What SLC Delivers


Relax, we make selecting an assisted living community a data driven and easy process for you and your family.

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Documented Justification

Tour Concierge

We Provide you and your family with a 12-18 point PDF comparrison of your top 3 best fit assisted living communities for your circumstances.  You can compare apples to apples the communties that will meet your needs 100% before you ever tour them and without ever having to call around. 
After reviewing your best fit communities we will arrange and escort you on all your tours, we only have to do 3 since the research says they are already a great fit for you and your circumstances. We usually do them all in one evening, during the day, on weekends or via skype. We shorten the entire process by weeks using this method!

Care Quality Indicators


Included in your analysis documentation we will provide you with additional care quality indicators including, previous state code violations (more prevalent than you think), Changes in community leadership that could impact care, Recent buyouts by large corporations.  
We'll review your lease documents to make sure there are no "gotchas" hidden in the fine print. We'll also make sure you are getting the deal that was negotiated.  When reading documents and you're not familiar with the verbage or the typical lease structure it can be confusing, but we do this day in and day out so make sure we take a look before you sign.
How You're Going To Feel About It


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Like we said, Celebrate


We are setting a new standard in how families experience the selection process!

Don't settle for less than the best for you or your family!

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